The Genesis 4 Tournament kicks off on Friday

Super Smash Bros.
A new Super Smash Bros. champion will be crowned this weekend.

This Friday (January 20th) through Sunday, fighting game tournament Genesis 4 will take place in California. Multiple different fighting games are going to be played and entrants from all over the world will come together to face one another. Games in which players will be competing include Super Smash Bros Melee (singles, doubles), Super Smash Bros 4 WiiU (singles, doubles, world crews), Super Smash Bros 64 (singles, doubles), Rivals of Aether (singles), Street Fighter V (singles), Towerfall (singles), and Catherine (singles).

Super Smash Bros. obviously headlines the tournament and will feature many well-known players and former champions of other tournaments, including previous Genesis winners ZeRo (Smash 4), Armada (Melee), Mango (Melee), and Mew2King (Brawl). Team SoloMid’s ZeRo is the number one ranked player in Super Smash Bros 4 for WiiU. He is the clear favorite for the upcoming Genesis tournament as he is for most tournaments he enters. His total winnings purely from Smash 4 are at $90,678.92, including his record-setting 56 tournaments winning streak in 2015 which included winning the biggest annual fighting tournament: EVO 2015.

For most Smash Bros players, Melee is the biggest game and has become one of the most watched eSports and certainly an entertaining one. The 2016 winner, Adam “Armada” Lindgren will look to defend his title as Genesis champion this year, with runner-up Mango looking to seek revenge. Mew2King and Hungrybox will look to overtake Armada as champion, while the two will also team up together in the doubles bracket for Melee.

Top Smash player Liquid Hungrybox will be playing despite breaking his finger recently. The Jigglypuff main will play in four different brackets including Melee (singles, doubles), Smash 4 WiiU (singles), and Smash 64 (singles).

Rivals of Aether is a new addition to the tournament this year. The game is an independently developed Super Smash Bros. clone which will feature 108 total entrants trying to battle it out to be the first Rivals of Aether Genesis champion. Smash Bros. names you might know who will participate in this tournament include IMT Shroomed (Rivals of Aether, Melee singles, doubles), SAB Ralph (Rivals of Aether, Melee singles, doubles), and FH DeliciousOctorok (Rivals of Aether, Melee singles).

Spectator passes can still be purchased for one day ($30) or three days ($50). General seating is still available for Sunday’s viewing of the top 8. If you do not live in California or just can’t make it out to the tournament, it will be streamed live on twitch throughout the weekend at


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