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2018 NFL Draft Round Six Recap

Round Six had some good picks left over and this is the round where Tom Brady and Antonio Brown were drafted so there is still value.

2018 NFL Draft: All Draft Team

Here I put together a 53 man roster of my favorite players from the 2018 draft to highlight players and what they could do to help a team.

2018 NFL Draft: Round Five Recap

This is a review and a pick by pick analysis of all 37 picks of the fifth round of the 2018 draft. Many teams got good value in this round.

Fourth Round Review of the 2018 NFL Draft

This is a pick by pick analysis of the entire fourth round of the NFL Draft. Usually, these picks make the roster but its never sure.

2018 NFL Draft Day Two Recap

Here, I recap all the picks from Day Two of the NFL Draft this year. This recaps every pick (#33-#100) of the 2018 NFL Draft.

NFL Draft Round One: Pick by Pick Review

In this article, I recap every pick of the first round of the 2018 draft and add my thoughts about each pick of the first round.

2018 NFL Draft – Winners and Losers

With the 2018 NFL Draft now in the books, we take a look at which franchises hit homeruns and which teams struck out during the selection process.

2018 NFL Mock Draft (Ed Hunt)

Here we will mock players to different teams to get an idea of need and where players will fall in the draft.

2018 NFL Mock Draft (Final – Himelstein)

The best day of the year will be upon on us this Thurs! This 3 round mock draft does not feature trades as anything can happen on draft day.