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ANP160 – Rat Race

Rich and Bijan review the strange events on ep.6 of ANW: Ninja vs Ninja. Lab Rats narrowly avoid elimination and get clarity on water rules!

ANP159 – Gold Medal Run

Rich and Bijan try to process the craziness of episode 5 of Ninja versus Ninja. Great matchups with some of our favorite ninjas!

ANP158 – First Blood

Rich and Bijan rundown the ups and downs of episode 4 of ANW: Ninja vs Ninja. Will "the Champ" gloat over his accurate predictions?

ANP157 – Life of the Party

Rich and Bijan fall all over themselves praising Ninja vs Ninja yet again. Nonstop action between everyone's favorite ANW competitors.

ANP156 – USA versus the World

Rich and Bijan give you the highs and the lows of American Ninja Warrior: USA vs the World! Tune in to hear about your favorite ninjas.

ANP155 – Labreakneck Speed

Bijan returns from competing in Los Angeles qualifiers and he and Rich review American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja episode 2.