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The Atlantic Files #112: 2019 NBA All-Star Predictions

Mike and Alex go over the first ballot returns for the 2019 NBA All-Star Game and the early 2019 NBA Draft prospects so far in the NCAA.

The Atlantic Files #111: Brooklyn Nets sneaking into the playoffs

Mike and Alex give their thoughts on the hot Brooklyn Nets, Kawhi Leonard taking pictures with Drake, and LeBron's apparent tampering

The Atlantic Files #110: Joel Embiid’s short lived frustration

This week on The Atlantic Files, Mike and Alex talk about Joel Embiid's short-lived frustration, Brooklyn's big win, and Chicago's futility

The Atlantic Files #109: Teams inquiring about Frank Ntilikina

Mike and Alex are back to talk some rumors and injuries. Teams have been asking about Frank Ntilikina and Markelle Fultz got some answers.

The Atlantic Files #108: Boston Celtics staying patient

Mike and Alex talk about the early season for the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks, the Dwight Howard scandal, and more!

The Atlantic Files #107: Markelle Fultz Needs a 30 for 30

The Markelle Fultz saga continues with even stranger happenings this time around. Mike and Alex touch on that and teams around the league

The Atlantic Files #106: Hello Jimmy Butler

Alex is back in the country, so that means he and Mike need to talk Jimmy Butler, Caris LeVert's gruesome injury, and much more.

The Atlantic Files #105: Kawhi Leonard feasts on Ben Simmons

Mike and Alex welcome Dennis Clausen back to the show to discuss Kawhi Leonard and the Raptors, Ben Simmons, the Nets start, and more.

The Atlantic Files #104: New Orleans Pelicans are a real threat

Mike and Alex welcome back Wahaj from the Back to the Basket Podcast to talk Pelicans, Celtics, biggest surprises, and fantasy basketball