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Episode 44 – Rookie Surprises, Disappointments

Cesar and Jackson discuss over 20 rookies from the 2017 NBA draft class and gauge their performances at the season's quarter mark.

The Atlantic Files: Episode 66

Today on episode 66 of The Atlantic Files, Alex talks about Jay Z curses, Beyonce curses, and a little bit of basketball.

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: Bigs in the 2017 NBA Draft

This piece is about the Bigs in the 2017 NBA Draft, starting with Robert Williams and Zach Collins and moving on down the line.

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: Jemerrio Jones

This piece is about Jemerrio Jones, not only a 2018 NBA draft prospect who deserves notice but one with perhaps the most interesting stat line in the NCAA.
T.J. McConnell

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: T.J. McConnell

This piece will focus on T.J. McConnell, his recent passing success, and what it means for Lonzo Ball and the 2017 NBA Draft.

Kaisers Draft Notes: Pull-Up Jumpers

This piece will deal with pull-up jumpshots, what they mean for NBA offense, for individual players and for the 2017 NBA draft's prospects.

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: Patrick Beverley All-Stars

This piece goes in depth to find this year's Patrick Beverley All-Stars. Off-ball offensive players with ball skills and Point-of-Attack defensive ability.

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: How To Beat the 2016-17 Houston Rockets

A piece about Patrick Beverley, his impact on the Houston Rockets and ways to perhaps begin a game plan against this powerhouse.

What Draymond Can Teach Us About Lonzo Ball

This piece examines Draymond Green and concepts of team fit and what Draymond Green's success might mean in terms of the NBA future of Lonzo Ball