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Pickin’ Winners: Fade Doug Pederson

CYS is back after a 6th straight winning week picking football games for the public. The week 12 edition of pickin' winners is here!

Create Your Shot: Julianne Viani

Julianne Viani of ESPN, Big10 network, CBS Sports and NextVR joins Create Your Shot to talk about her playing career and career in media

Pickin’ Winners: Fade Le’Veon Bell

After a second straight 11-4 week, the best football picking podcast in the world is back, talking CFB and NFL playoffs and picking winners!

Create Your Shot: Coley Harvey

Coley Harvey of ESPN joins the guys on Create Your Shot. They talk being a baseball beat writer and more of his journey in sports

Pickin’ Winners: Fade the Cleveland Browns

Bart, Tyler, and Smallz are back discussing some of the bigger stories in coaching in the last week and pickin' their usual winners

Create Your Shot: Serge Clement

This week Serge Clement from Marist College, joins Create Your Shot. Serge has been a Division one assistant coach for 6 years.

Pickin’ Winners: Fade Jim Boeheim

Tyler, Smallz and Bart are back after an "En Fuego" 10-5 week to provide some insight on football picks, the NFL and the NCAA Hoops Trial

Create Your Shot: Kevin App

Kevin App, Head Coach of Williams College and the 2017 D3 National Coach of the year joins Tyler and Smallz for a long talk about his career

Pickin’ Winners: Fade Major League Baseball

The guys are back after a second straight winning week. Fades include the MLB, Manny Machado and the Buffalo Bills. Get Rich!