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Week 4 Locks + DFS and Fantasy

Week 4 marks the beginning of the Get Paid Podcast’s fiscal year where we hit over 67.5% in the NFL and 62% in NBA. Get Paid!!!

AFC Futures, Rookie QB Ranks & MLB Fantasy and Futures

AFC Division/Conference Winners, Top Rookie QBs after Preseason Week 1, and the Baseballai Lama tells us who to put our money on in the MLB

NFC South Fantasy Preview and Futures

Brad and Sean take their deep dive into the NFC South to discuss impact players, over/under valued draft stock and O/U Win Futures

AFC East Fantasy Football Preview and Futures

Sean and Brad continue their NFL preview with a deep dive into the AFC East. Can anyone challenge the Patriots this year? Um... no.

The Warning Sign We May Have Missed With DeAndre Hopkins

Instead of being the top 5 wide receiver we believed him to be, is it possible that DeAndre Hopkins tops out as a top 15 receiver?

Fantasy Rule: Sit Anyone Playing the Broncos

Denver is 4-0 and there isn't anyone that looks like they can put up a fight against them. Everyone expected Denver to still be good, but not this good.