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NBA Futures and Game Lines + NFL Running Backs for 2019

We delve into the gambling side of the NBA playoffs with futures and game odds talk. Then Brad and Sean have a debate over running backs.

Would You Rather – Eli Manning Version

Sean and Brand have a spirited debate about which quarterbacks they would rather have starting for their team than Eli Manning .

NFL Fantasy Impact Rookies + Futures and Kentucky Derby

Sean and Brad have a spirited conversation about the NFL Draft and what the fantasy impact of some of the players can be. Check it out!

Fantasy Baseball and NBA Futures

Sean talks to Baseballai Lama Eric Zimmerman and Bet Online’s Dave Mason in this special edition of Get Paid. MLB, NBA and more.

The Great Quarterback Debate

This week on Get Paid: Sean and Brad constantly go back and forth about quarterback value, so we decided to run through our top five...

Tiger + Russell Wilson and 2018 NFC West Review

Tiger is back! Things in Golf just got very interesting. Plus, Brand and Sean discuss the 2018 NFC West. What happened, San Fran?

2018 AFC West Review

The 2018 AFC West didn’t go exactly as predicted for Sean and Brad. The Patrick Mahomes show was on full display and what a display it was.

MLB Fantasy Week 1 and Futures + NCAA and NFL

Sean brings Baseballai Lama back this week to talk about the very early returns from MLB week one. Plus March Madness and Falcons Talk

March Madness + 2018 NFC South Review

Sean and Brad continue the NFL 2018 Season Reviews division by division. Sean and Brad talk a bit of NCAA, but talk primarily about the NFC