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Dream Team

Eagle makes a proclamation about Luka Doncic. Will broaches the Blake Griffin Steve Balmer beef in a way it's never been broached, and more.

Inside Information

The crew breaks down the field for the NBA All Star Game from the locks to the fringe candidates like Dwyane Wade and D'Angelo Russell

Pick a Side

Kiah, Eagle, and Will discuss Russell Westbrook's most recent claims of superiority and put Tiffany Haddish's rough set in to perspective.

Keeping it Low Key

Kiah, Eagle, and Will dive into the Lakers current situation, pivot to a De'Aaron Fox lovefest, and Kiah gives her fastest and strongest WNBA players.

Hangtime: On Sight

The newest podcast on the Underdog Sports Podcast Network, hosted by comedians Will Poznan and Eagle Witt, plus WNBA / New York Liberty star Kiah Stokes.