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Newgarden Takes Advantage of Lap Traffic to Win at St. Petersburg

Newgarden used traffic to gain the lead over a strong field at St. Pete, continuing a series of victories by Penske’s various racing teams.

The Beginner’s Guide to the 2019 Indycar Season

If you’re new to Indycar or need a refresher on the key storylines and changes coming this season, then this is the guide for you.

IndyCar Schedule

Previewing the IndyCar schedule, where to watch the events, and the revealing the new camera views fans will be seeing on TV.

IndyCar Gaining Popularity

IndyCar's popularity is increasing while all NASCAR can talk about is getting fans back in the sport. Why is IndyCar succeeding?
Justin Wilson

IndyCar racer Justin Wilson dies

We wrote about the accident earlier today. Incredibly sad news tonight as we've learned that 37-year-old IndyCar racer Justin Wilson has died due to injuries...
Justin Wilson

IndyCar racer Justin Wilson in critical condition

IndyCar racer Justin Wilson suffered a severe head injury during a crash Sunday and had to be airlifted out of Pocono Raceway, he's currently in...