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Special Edition: Kawhi Leonard Wants Out

On this special episode of The Underdog Chris Horwedel and Anshu Khanna break down the Kawhi Leonard situation, including suggesting potential trades.

My MVP ballot right now (and why LeBron is #1)

A look at the current rankings for my NBA MVP vote, along with honorable mentions, and an explanation for why LeBron James is still #1.

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: Jemerrio Jones

This piece is about Jemerrio Jones, not only a 2018 NBA draft prospect who deserves notice but one with perhaps the most interesting stat line in the NCAA.

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: O.G. Anunoby

A piece comparing OG Anunoby and Kawhi Leonard, not only where they were similar in college, but where they were different, namely in respect to dribbling.

Spurs best Pelicans by 13 on Tim Duncan appreciation night

The San Antonio Spurs won in typical fashion behind LaMarcus Aldridge’s 22, as they retired the jersey of Spurs legend Tim Duncan.

Kaiser’s Draft Notes XXIV: Passing and Athleticism Part 3

In part 3 of our passing and athleticism series, we will investigate in more detail just how scoring ability affects a player's ability to pass.