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#11: Luke Walton, Trae Young, Los Angeles Chargers

On this week's episode of You're Wrong... and Here's Why, the guys debate Luke Walton, Trae Young, and the Los Angeles Chargers.

Offseason Blueprint: Los Angeles Chargers

As many NFL teams seasons have come to an end, we take a look at what they need to do to improve next season. Up today, the Los Angeles Chargers.

What Should the Chargers Do in Response to their 0-4 Start?

The Los Angeles Chargers find themselves in a terrible position, they're 0-4 and perhaps more concerning, absolutely no one in LA seems to care about them.

Los Angeles Chargers Question Marks

We continue our ongoing Question Marks series today with a look at the biggest issues surrounding the Los Angeles Chargers heading into next season.

Which Teams Actually Helped Themselves in the Draft

Here's my best estimation of the teams that actually helped make themselves a playoff contender for this season during this past weekend's NFL Draft.

Does Your Team Need An “Heir Apparent” QB?

While these teams do have a quarterback performing at a high-level, we look at the organizations that we believe should be searching for their next QB.

Coaching Staff Grades: L.A. Chargers

For a team like the Chargers who are moving to a new city, hiring the right coaches is absolutely critical. How did they do?