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Episode 26: JV for 3

This week, the fellas discuss Verlander's third no-hitter, the possible end for CC, Cookie's triumphant return, and a scorching NL MVP race.

Episode 25: You Can’t Miss Yangervis, Except for DJ

This week, the fellas are joined by Sam “Koop” Kuperman and discuss Player’s Weekend, Verlander’s media woes, and the MLB Viagra crisis.

Episode 24: Bryce H is Back

This week, the fellas discuss major injuries across baseball, Bill Walton's MLB broadcast Debut, and returns galore for Bryce H's

Episode 23: Listen to Side 1 of Zeppelin IV

This week, the fellas discuss the battle atop the AL Central, the 25th anniversary of the MLB lockout, and the Orioles futility

Episode 22: The Deadline is Done

This week, the fellas discuss the winners and losers of the trade deadline, and what we can expect in the MLB moving forward

Episode 21: Call to the Hall

This week, the fellas discuss the 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame, the surging Giants, the end of the Dark Knight, and an unfortunate subway ride.

Episode 20: The City of Brotherly Love?

This week, the fellas recap the All-Star Game and Home Run Derby, and discuss the Angles combined no-hitter for a fallen teammate.

Episode 19: What Time is It? Dinger O’Clock!

This week the fellas discuss the home run derby, hand out their first-half awards, and make their picks for the second half of the MLB season!

Episode 18: Happy Bonilla Day!

Chase and Alex discuss All-Star Game rosters, the Yankee Red Sox slugfest across the pond, and wish everyone a happy Bobby Bonilla Day!