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Episode 93 – Most Impressive, Most Disappointing College Teams

Mike and Jackson discuss college teams that have exceeded their expectations and then move to a few teams who have disappointed.

Episode 89 – News, Stock Up/Stock Down, Opening Week Preview

Mike and Jackson discuss recent news about the draft, chat about prospects' changing stocks, and preview college basketball's opening week.

Episode 88 – Preseason Mailbag: All-Americans, Top Seniors, More

Jackson and Mike field questions from listeners, picking their preseason All-American squads, highlighting some sleeper freshmen, and more.

Episode 87 – College Basketball Preview

Mike and Jackson break down their consensus top 25 entering the college basketball season and discuss sleeper mid-major teams.

Episode 86 – SEC Prospect Preview Part 2

Jackson and Mike break down their top 16 prospects in the SEC West to finish off their preview of the top NBA draft prospects in the SEC.

Episode 85 – SEC Prospect Preview Part 1

Mike and Jackson begin their SEC Prospect Preview by ranking and breaking down all the top prospects on teams in the SEC East.

Episode 84 – Mid Major Prospect Preview

Jackson and Mike preview the top prospects from the mid-major ranks heading into the college season and pick every conference champion.

Episode 83 – Pac 12 + Gonzaga Prospect Preview

Mike and Jackson break down their top 20 prospects in the Pac 12 plus Gonzaga, ranking and discussing each player along the way.

Episode 82 – Big 12 Prospect Preview

Jackson and Mike preview their top 20 prospects in the Big 12, ranking and discussing each of them as the move down the board.