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2018 NBA Mock Draft

As training camp time nears in the NBA, we jump ahead to next June and take an early look at how the 2018 NBA Draft could look.

Why the NBA raising the age limit would be a mistake

The idea of raising the minimum age is only one of different options being considered. In my mind, that would be a big mistake.
Deep(ish) Thoughts Podcast

The Deep(ish) Thoughts Podcast: Episode 24

In episode 24 of the Deep(ish) Thoughts Podcast Chris and Anshu talk at length about the NBA Draft Combine, players that impacted their stock and more draft talk.

Hardwood Homies NBA Draft Podcast Episode 1 – Mock Drafts for Various Lottery Scenarios

Jackson and Cesar discuss their mock drafts for five different NBA Draft Lottery scenarios, and go in-depth on each prospect and team fit in the lottery.

“In-Tournament” Review of my Top 14 Prospects

We take a look at the Top 14 NBA Draft prospects prior to the tournament and update things to reflect what's happened over these past few weeks.

Another Reason that Good College Players Should Leave for the NBA

In this piece, we look at why it's for the best that NBA Draft prospects leave early for the NBA rather than returning and risking hurting their stock.

3 Proposals for Simple Lottery Reform

With the NBA constantly looking to improve it's overall competitive level, we take a look at a possible changes to discourage teams for blatantly tanking.

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: Updated Ranking

This piece is an updated draft ranking, sticking mostly to the top 13 draft prospects. Lonzo Ball, Markelle Fultz, De'Aaron Fox, Josh Jackson, et al.
Chris Paul

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: Predictive Indicators of Initiators

This piece looks at some predictive indicators for primary initiators, including turnovers, assist-to-turnover ratio, steals and the ability to score.