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Episode 129: NBA Draft Recap P1

On episode 129 of The Underdog Chris Horwedel and Anshu Khanna talk about the first 15 picks from last week's NBA Draft.

Ep 07 – 2019 NBA Draft Recap

A full, detailed recap of the 2019 NBA Draft with winners, losers, surprise draft picks, and surprise players that went undrafted.

Ep 06 – Eastern Conference Preview

Aram Cannuscio and Pat McMahon tackle every single Eastern Conference teams and discuss which players they should look at drafting which each selection.

Episode 37: The Lottery

On this weeks episode, Tyler and Zandrick talk about the conference finals, the lottery and then they're joined by Dave Mason.

Episode 124: Zion to New Orleans, Anthony Davis to _____

On episode 124 of The Underdog Chris Horwedel and Anshu Khanna talk NBA Draft Lottery, John Beilein, and Anthony Davis trade packages.

NBA Draft Special: Part One

On this special episode, Chris Horwedel and Anshu Khanna (The Underdog) take over the feed for their first episode in a special four-part NBA Draft Special.

Scouting Reports: Bassey, Schofield, Paschall, Davis, Matthews

Jackson and Mike go in-depth with scouting reports on Charles Bassey, Admiral Schofield, Eric Paschall, Terence Davis, and Charles Matthews.

Episode 93 – Most Impressive, Most Disappointing College Teams

Mike and Jackson discuss college teams that have exceeded their expectations and then move to a few teams who have disappointed.

Episode 89 – News, Stock Up/Stock Down, Opening Week Preview

Mike and Jackson discuss recent news about the draft, chat about prospects' changing stocks, and preview college basketball's opening week.