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Episode 37: The Lottery

On this weeks episode, Tyler and Zandrick talk about the conference finals, the lottery and then they're joined by Dave Mason.

Episode 36: Three Man Booth

On the 36th episode of the Underdog Sports NBA Show, Zandrick and Tyler are joined once again by Blake J. Harris to break down the playoffs.

Episode 35: The Rocky Rule

Tyler and Zandrick are back with more playoff breakdowns, the Celtics post-mortem, the Lakers embarrassing coaching search and more!

Episode 34: Waffle House

Zandrick and Tyler are back to talk round two of the NBA playoffs. They talk Kawhi Leonard, Steph Curry's shooting slump and much more!

Episode 32: The Main Event

Zan and Tyler recap the beginning of round two of the NBA playoffs, including Warriors Rockets game 1, Raptors 76ers and Bucks Celtics.

Episode 31: Damian Lillard Appreciation Hour

Tyler and Zandrick discuss Damian Lillard vs. the OKC Thunder, Lillard's place in the NBA hierarchy, Golden State vs. The clippers and more .

Episode 30: Building Blocks

Zandrick Ellison and Tyler Laurie talk through the first round of the NBA playoffs. They talk spurs, nuggets, rockets, jazz, 76ers and more

Episode 29: Cracks in the Foundation

Tyler and Zandrick debate whether Russell Westbrook can fix his playoff struggles if the Warriors should be worried and much much more

Episode 28: Zandrick Returns!

Zandrick is back and he and Tyler are here to break down game 1 of each playoff series! They cover whether the Sixers should panic and more!