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#squadcast Episode 16

In episode 16 of #squadcast, Josh and Anshu take the show on the road.. literally.  Friends Cory, Sweenz, and D Bowz join the squad and the wheels nearly come off

#squadcast Episode 15

In episode 15 of #squadcast, Josh and Anshu got back together for a special "Zero Bias" episode to discuss Kyrie, the White Sox, the trade deadline and more.

#squadcast Episode 14

In episode 14 of #squadcast, Josh and Anshu return after a brief hiatus to react to what's been happening in the world of sports.

#squadcast Episode 13

On #squadcast this week, Josh and Anshu talk about tonight's NBA Finals, answer listener questions, look at the Chicago White Sox and more.

#squadcast Episode 12

Josh and Anshu welcome in the creator of the #squadcast logo, Don Dunn, to join the conversation and also welcome back buddy Steve.

#squadcast Episode 11

In episode 11, Josh and Anshu talk about the first round of the NBA Playoffs and welcome in Dan Bower and Zach Stierhoff to talk about the NFL Draft.

#squadcast Episode 10

In episode 10, Josh and Anshu look back at the NBA regular season, look ahead to the first round of the playoffs, talk Bulls/Cavs and early MLB action.

#squadcast Episode 9

In episode 9, Josh and Anshu talk more about the NCAA Final 4, the NBA playoff race, The Masters and talk to Dan Bower about the MLB season.

#squadcast Episode 8

In episode 8, Josh and Anshu talk about the NCAA Final 4, the McDonald's All-American Game, the forthcoming MLB season and welcome their buddy Dan Bower.