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Stat-Based NFL Playoff Predictions

Yards/play is a common and useful tool to measure efficiency and we're going to use it to try and predict the winners of this weekend's NFL playoff games.

Random Stats!

Did you know that a team once had more wins in a season than home runs? Suspend your disbelief as I take you on a journey of randomness!

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: The Wrong Initiator

This piece is about the differences in the NBA today and of twenty years ago. Especially on offense, hinting at why choosing the right initiator matters.
Kamar Baldwin

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: Kamar Baldwin

This is a piece about Kamar Baldwin, surprising Freshman Combo Guard, and why, as of now, he should reasonably be considered a first round draft prospect.
Klay Thompson

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: Drafting For Fit in the NBA

This piece will deal with what "Drafting For Fit" should mean and look at some instances where it's appropriate, or even advisable.

In Boxing, Stats Without Context are Useless

We assess the idea of solely depending on undefeated records, KO records and other forms of boxing statistics to compare and contrast fighters.

What Draymond Can Teach Us About Lonzo Ball

This piece examines Draymond Green and concepts of team fit and what Draymond Green's success might mean in terms of the NBA future of Lonzo Ball

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: Chris Clarke

This piece focuses on Virginia Tech's Chris Clarke. Perhaps the most underrated player of the draft season so far. Everything but the J.

Malik Monk and Men With a Magic J

This piece tries to gauge just how valuable Malik Monk would be by looking at Monk with respect to many of the game's recent great shooters.