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Boundaries In Professional Relationships

Russell Wilson's pay day came with boundary setting. In episode 17, Mario and Asia provide 3 ways to establish boundaries in the workplace.

Handle With Care: Practicing Vulnerability

Life's Kickoff Return. In Episode 15, Mario and Asia discuss the relationship between vulnerability, risk factors and resilience.


With Rob Gronkowski & Connor McGregor retiring, Let's talk letting go. We build on what it means to set boundaries for self-growth.

Exposed: Trust Issues & Insecurities

When do we begin to develop trust issues? We dive into healthy mechanisms for guarding ourselves from harm and ways to overcome trust issues.

The Cut Off: Setting Boundaries

In Episode 12, Mario and Asia discuss how self-awareness is key to setting boundaries while referencing the boundaries the average pro athlete.

Self Care In Real Time

Who knows you better than you? How long will you put off what you need right now? This episode is about taking responsibility for your own.

3 Months & Done? Mental Health in Relationships Pt. 1

Mario and Asia went on IG Live for an interactive experience about relationships. What are some key components to a healthy romantic partner

Less Friends, More Support Systems

Is there a difference in considering someone a ‘friend’ as opposed to a ‘support system’? Mario and Asia explore this and chime in on the NBA.

The Invisible Backpack: Trauma & PTSD

In Episode 8, Mario and Asia discuss PTSD and make the connections to what unidentified trauma may look like on an everyday basis