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NBA Finals + French Open and John Wick Spoilers

Sean and Sam dig into the NBA finals, then talk about a number of topics ranging from the French Open to the NFL and of course, John Wick!

NBA Playoffs + Tigers and NFL

We analyze the Eastern and Western Conference finals, talk a bit of Tiger Woods and then rail on a few NFL teams for fun. Listen up!

NFL Draft and NBA Playoffs

Sean and Sam talk about the NFL draft, the NBA playoffs and also dabble in some other sports like the Kentucky Derby and more.

The Hodge Podge

Sam’s back and we are talking all things Costa Rica, NFL, Reality TV, Lakers and more. Could Sean have played for the Patriots?

March Madness + NFL and NBA

Sean and Sam talk March Madness, more NFL offseason and more NBA. Is there any chance Sam will pick against his precious Dukies?!?

AB’s Drama, Keenum to Washington and the Lakers

Sean rails on the short-sightedness of Antonio Brown. Whoever is in his ear needs to GTFO. Also, Keenum to Washington and Lakers Drama

Flacco Trade, Antonio Brown + Harden vs Russ Wilson

Initial thoughts on the Flacco trade, is someone in Antonio Brown’s ear? What the heck is up with him? Plus Sean always liked Harden more.

Anthony Davis Trade + Super Bowl Talk

We’re talking Super Bowl, the Anthony Davis trade request and its ramifications in the NBA, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Hangovers.

NFL Championship Weekend + NBA, NCAAM, Tennis and more

Sean and Sam break down the latest and greatest of the NFL and NBA and talk a bit of Tennis, NCAAM, Ikea Furniture, and Netflix awesomeness