Terrance Ferguson (SG/SF, Adelaide)


Measurables: 6’7”, 6’9” wingspan, 184 lbs, 19.0 years old


  • Great size to play 2 guard, even 3 as he adds strength
  • Explosive in space – rises to rim
  • Solid hustle
  • Gets 3 point shot off very quickly – good mechanics
  • Lots of upside as a shooter coming off screens
  • Slides feet well, good mobility on D
  • Plays with hands up on D, solid discipline
  • Got to play against grown men in NBL – helped development
  • Length helps him a lot in contesting
  • Length helps him to recover on D when he gets behind
  • Relishes in working on defense, has lockdown potential
  • Puts up a fight in switch situations against bigs
  • Passing vision has flashes – could be more than shooter on O
  • Shown flashes pulling up in mid range
  • Already knows how to play a role – doesn’t try to do too much
  • Aggressiveness is good sign on D for once he adds strength


  • Struggled a lot in NBL this past season – 31% from 3
  • Needs to add a ton of strength – very thin
  • Shot is streaky at this point – looked amazing at Hoops Summit but struggled more in Australia
  • Doesn’t have elite burst for creation inside arc
  • Thin frame gives him issues in PnR defense
  • Gets pushed back by stronger players, weak base
  • Needs to add consistency/effort on defensive end
  • Does almost nothing at rim – 1.9 FTA/40
  • Needs to improve ball handling a lot, hinders his creation ability
  • Little nuance inside arc – relies on athleticism/length too much
  • Very little creation for others – 1.6 AST/40
  • Doesn’t have great instincts or feel – mostly a shooter/dunker/on ball defender
  • Forces passes, doesn’t allow game to develop
  • 60% FT is very concerning, stroke has shown signs of streakiness


  • Ferguson has a lot of tools, given his athleticism and size, and while his stroke is promising, he really struggled this past season in Adelaide and doesn’t look like he can do much besides shoot on offense at the moment. He does a decent job on defense, using good effort and size to his advantage. A team that is willing to take the time to develop his stroke, ball handling, and frame could end up with a good player a couple years down the road, but right now he’s a raw project who will need to add a lot to his game.


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