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Mike and Alex are back on the mic this week with a little hoops talk. Markelle Fultz is back in the news with some more bizarre happenings, and the guys take a look around the league at some of the most surprising storylines going on.

Markelle Fultz, after having what seemed like a good offseason, now will not report to or play in any Philadelphia 76ers games until he sees and is cleared by a shoulder specialist in New York. This news came from his agent and lawyer which comes not too long after the beef Fultz had with his trainer over a deleted tweet that said he was not healthy. Add this to the laundry list of topics that could be included in a 30 for 30 and we’re on the couch waiting for it.

The Los Angeles Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies, of all teams, are near the top of the Western Conference. Can they sustain that level of play or will other teams overtake them as the year goes on? Also, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Boston Celtics are both looking much worse than expected. What can they do to turn it around this year?

Hear the guys speak on these topics and more in the full episode below!

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Being from the suburbs of Philadelphia, it was hard not to become a Sixers fan during Allen Iverson's prime. Other than just the Sixers, I enjoy watching all forms and levels of basketball, especially the WNBA. Outside of basketball, I've been playing and coaching volleyball for most of my life. Also, after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, I became a Software Developer by day, while writing and hosting podcasts by night.


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