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In the middle of the night, Kawhi Leonard was listening to some classic Drake as he decided he’ll forego a repeat with the Toronto Raptors and join the Los Angeles Clippers. Once Marvin’s Room came on, he called up Paul George and told him to leave Russell Westbrook behind and join him. Then, the NBA landscape was never the same.

Okay, that might not have been exactly how it all happened, but we’re just going to roll with it. The Los Angeles Clippers aren’t the only ones to form a huge duo though. The Brooklyn Nets have their own duo now in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Boston has a duo in Kemba Walker and Jayson Tatum, the Lakers have LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and of course we still have a handful of teams that retained their big-time duos.

Parity in the NBA has been restored in a huge way. The League is going to be even more fun than it already was, which is hard to imagine. So, it’s time to throw around some takes, predict which free agents won’t make much of a difference, and which smaller names will become the real impact players.

Listen to the full episode below to hear Alex and Mike’s thoughts on everything NBA free agency!

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