Episode #94 of the Atlantic Files Podcast

The Toronto Raptors finished on top of the Eastern Conference last year. They possessed one of the best bench squads in the entire league and they were primed to take on a vulnerable Cavaliers team led by LeBron James. Mike and Alex didn’t exactly have the same expectations to begin the season, but they both agree it took an interesting turn to cause the state of flux that they are now in.

After getting swept by LeBron and company, Dwayne Casey was fired, and then the team decided to take a shot in the dark. DeMar DeRozan was shipped out and Kawhi Leonard entered Toronto for an audition season to see if the Raptors can convince him to stay in Canada rather than going to Los Angeles. Will Kawhi stay after this year or will Kawhi leave the Raptors high and dry like many superstars have?

Mike and Alex give their thoughts on this past season, whether Kawhi will stay, who might make a leap this year, and more!

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Being from the suburbs of Philadelphia, it was hard not to become a Sixers fan during Allen Iverson's prime. Other than just the Sixers, I enjoy watching all forms and levels of basketball, especially the WNBA. Outside of basketball, I've been playing and coaching volleyball for most of my life. Also, after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, I became a Software Developer by day, while writing and hosting podcasts by night.


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