We look at how to make your dreams achievable

Tryout camps are great opportunities to get in front of pro scouts.

Professional baseball has been fondly referred to as America’s past time, to the point where everyone out there is likely to have at least a soft spot for the sport. Perhaps they grew up with movies like The Sand Lot, or perhaps they played it with their father or at school. Either way, nearly everyone has had a taste of this great sport, but only a few can make it in the big leagues.

To put it into perspective of how difficult it is to get into the MLB, just look at the numbers. According to NCAA reports, an estimated one student in every 200 high school graduating classes will then go on to be drafted by the MLB. Of those, only 7% will actually play. There are many other options, of course. You could become a minor league baseball player, or just a college baseball player, and still get a taste of the high life. So long as you chase your dream and do all you can, you won’t have any regrets.That is why if you have ambitions to become a professional baseball player, you will need to follow these steps:


Be Dedicated to the Sport

The first step is obvious – you need to live and breathe baseball. You need to be perfectly happy and even thrilled with playing and practicing every single day because if you do make it professionally, that is the sort of life you will be looking forward to. Dedicate yourself and really throw yourself in training because it is your passion that will give you the drive to shine above your peers and get you noticed by talent scouts.


Go Through College

Many minor league players started in college with a sports scholarship. It is the perfect way to get a discount on your education, go to a great school, and get the chance to dedicate yourself to the sport that you love. Start first by applying to the right ASM Scholarships, then, when you get in, wow spectators at any moment. You never know when a professional talent scout will be watching.

Tip: Don’t let your education slip, however, as a degree can help you carry on and be a success after your baseball career is over.


Go to a Tryout Camp

There are also tryout camps that you can go through if you want to either circumvent the college experience or didn’t get the scholarship initially. It is not ideal, as being able to play baseball at a university level will be far more attractive to scouts than just going through the tryout camp, but if you are out of options, it could give you the miracle you are looking for.

You should never be down on yourself if you cannot make it into the big leagues. Just try your best and follow these steps so that you can pursue your love of the sport and, at the very least, walk away without any regrets.


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