Waiting on Tiger’s return

tiger woods
We wait on the inevitable return of Tiger Woods.

It’s only been four days since Tiger Woods posted a short clip on Twitter offering us a slow-mo taste of his current golf swing. Woods confirmed not too long ago doctors had given him the green light to start making small chip shots and putts, but the full swing video came as a relative surprise as there wasn’t much of a timetable offered for any type of progression.

But after today’s videos of Tiger and guest Kevin Chappell hitting a variety of shots (no driver swings by Tiger for what it’s worth) at a clinic hosted by the Tiger Woods Foundation went viral, people’s hopes and dare I say expectations are rapidly climbing.
We’ve all seen this movie before, though, haven’t we? Tiger begins to make progress, posts a few vids to Instagram or Twitter, golf world goes nuts, he makes a half-attempt at a comeback, and is quickly forced to shut it down again due to a re-injury. It feels more inevitable than the Patriots going to another Super Bowl.
Here’s a crazy idea for Eldrick: chill out. Take an extra six months. Heal more than you think you should or have been suggested to by medical professionals. The golf world wants (and to an extent needs) you, but another re-run of the previous failed attempts just leaves everyone hanging their heads in despair. And conversely the irritating “I-told-You-So” from a number of golf’s pundits.
Bonus: For all the equipment geeks out there, a picture was posted to Twitter reportedly taken at Tiger’s clinic today showing his bag stocked with a myriad of different TaylorMade irons ranging from an M2, a couple Tour Preferreds, to a few old Nike wedges, all the way to some fresh looking custom stamped ‘TGR’ blades. It appeared as though the set was very exact to his specifications, or either a smorgasbord of clubs found at a buy and sell. Not sure yet.
All in all, Tiger has offered his fans a shred of light in the everlasting dark tunnel. But alas, take this for what it is: just a couple easy swings under zero pressure.
Here’s hoping he takes his time and doesn’t try to ‘Hello, World’ us all like it’s 1996 again. Despite everything, I still think he has gas left in the tank. But I won’t be putting any money on it – at least until the next video goes up.
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