What’s up with Lonzo Ball?

lonzo ball
Should Lakers fans be worried about Lonzo?

Being the 2nd overall pick comes with enormous pressure no matter what, but when you add a father who publicly declares, with complete seriousness, that his son is better than two time MVP Stephen Curry, the pressure might be too much.

Lonzo Ball has only played in 20 games and has had a few games that have been very positive. However, most of the games he has played in have been disappointing, to say the least. Most of this has been due to extremely poor shooting. Currently, Ball is averaging 9 points per game on 32% shooting, to go along with an abysmal 25% from deep. Not the kind of numbers you want to see from your 2nd overall pick.

However, he is averaging 7 assists and 7 boards, and his ability to make his teammates better has been put on display, which is everyone talked about prior to the draft. Lonzo’s court vision and his ability to make his teammates better was mostly the reason they picked him, but his shooting numbers are not what they expected.

If you watch Lonzo play live, it is very easy to tell that his nonchalance about the game is evident. He doesn’t seem to want to die for the game which could be the reason for his inconsistency.

Every NBA star will always have that killer instinct and have the winning mentality, but it doesn’t look like Lonzo has it. When you watch Ball play, it is evident that he doesn’t look like he wants it the most. He looks like he just wants to play, leave and get onto the next game, not so much win.

However, Lonzo Ball is now the youngest player in NBA history to record a triple-double, and he already has two of them under his belt. There are a few games where Lonzo has shown a lot of potential, most notably Ball’s 2nd career game against Phoenix, but with many more unsatisfactory performances than good ones, Lonzo could have bust written all over him.


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