We look at three players ready to jump to the next level

The 2017 MLB season is (almost, kinda) here, and let’s be honest, we’ve all been thinking about it ever since the 2016 season ended. As the anticipation rises for the new season, many questions arise such as which teams will shine? Or which teams will disappoint? However, today we will be examining some potential rising break-out stars that could prove to be a major asset for their respective teams. Something that all these rising stars possess is they all lay on the cusp of greatness – the talent, opportunity, and experience is all there, now the only thing remaining is the arrival of the new season.

OF Kyle Schwarber, Chicago Cubs

Kyle Schwarber simply needs to stay healthy and he should have a breakout year.

If Kyle stays healthy we will be able to see the true potential of his talent over the length of a full season. Since he batted a .412 in the World Series, it won’t be impossible to live up to that legendary performance but it will be difficult. Being a power-hitting lefty, the pressure is on as the Cubs will be relying on him to get some big numbers. Don’t be surprised if he ends up hitting over 30 home runs along with a high OBP rating.

CF Byron Buxton, Minnesota Twins

Last MLB season, the major leagues looked like a bit too much to handle for Buxton despite leading the Twins to a season-ending victory over the Chicago White Sox. However, he definitely wasn’t considered baseball’s best prospect at random. In his final month of last season, he slammed nine home runs while scoring 24 times along with an impressive 1.011 OPS. On top of all that, he still is only 23 years old with a big future ahead of him.

3B Alex Bregman, Houston Astros

In 2015, he was the first-round pick fresh out of LSU with a lot of promise and opportunity. But, he didn’t fair well in the majors nearly as everyone had hoped. Bregman was ice cold, being 2 for 38 in his first 10 contests for Houston. Pretty horrifying. Although nearing the end of the season, he eventually got his footing, hitting eight home runs and having a .931 OPS in his last 39 games.

Legend or loser? We’ll let their performances decide in this upcoming season.


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