On this episode of The Functional Sportsaholic

Sean and special guest Brad discuss the week’s events including the NBA MVP, NBA Coach of the Year and the NFL Network’s top 100 players of 2017.

00:44 Sam Van Damme is on the disabled list this week. We’re tagging in Brad David of the Get Paid: Fantasy, Gambling and DFS podcast
02:08 Guy Fieri… enough with the hair already!
08:16 Harden wins the NBA MVP
11:00 Is Harden truly more valuable than LeBron?
12:10 Brad loathes Kevin Love
16:38 Why are we making Paul George out to be the x-factor in the NBA offseason?
20:06 We didn’t like the Durant to Golden State move, but not for the reason you think
27:10 If Sean was Lebron, he’d get to Boston or San Antonio to play for world-class coaching
28:00 Dwayne Casey gets coach of the year. Brad Stevens gets the shaft.
30:16 Top 100 players of the NFL
33:16 Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are a step ahead of everyone else
34:50 Why is Julio 4? And why isn’t Russel Wilson higher?
35:58 Sean weighs in on the old Manning vs Brady debate
40:00 Who would Brad take if he had to choose between Manning and Brady?
40:44 Belichick is the (Payton) Manning slayer
43:14 Did Drew Bledsoe lose his job to two half of famers?
44:58 Sean and Brad wonder if Romo will get into the hall of fame some day

Music: Rock Angel by Joakim Karud


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