NFL Top Team Tournament

top team tournament
How will teams like the 1978 Steelers fare in our top team tournament?

All of the franchises in the league have a best team, a year where everything seemed to go their way, but which one is the best of the best? With this tournament, I intend to answer this query.

After researching all thirty-two teams, I have compiled a list of the best years from each franchise post-merger (based on all-around ability, consensus ratings, and playoff success). The format of this tournament will be a 32-team bracket, starting with each division. Seeding was made in each division based on playoff success then record on the season. I will pit two teams against each other using the simulator on Each match-up will be simulated in a best-of-five style with the winner moving on to the next round.

To begin, each week I will present each division along with a short breakdown of the teams’ best years. In the breakdown, I will include a brief description of the year, the impact players on the teams, and my prediction for the team’s success in this tournament.

After introductions, I will be conducting the experiment. From this point on, I will be recapping the match-ups in my write-ups. In the recaps I will include brief stats, MVPs, and, of course, the winners.
Overall, this full experiment should take about 4 months to conduct and write about.

If this creates enough interest, I will move on to the MLB, NBA, and eventually NHL.

Here are the first round match-ups:

’72 Dolphins(1) vs ’90 Bills(4)
’68 Jets(2) vs ’07 Patriots(3)
’98 Broncos(1) vs ’06 Chargers(4)
’76 Raiders(2) vs ’69 Chiefs(3)
’78 Steelers(1) vs ’86 Browns(4)
’00 Ravens(2) vs ’88 Bengals(3)
’99 Jaguars(1) vs ’11 Texans(4)
’05 Colts(2) vs ’00 Titans(3)
’91 Redskins(1) vs ’04 Eagles(4)
’86 Giants(2) vs ’93 Cowboys
’89 49ers(1) vs ’15 Cardinals(4)
’99 Rams(2) vs ’13 Seahawks(3)
’85 Bears(1) vs ’91 Lions(4)
’96 Packers(2) vs ’98 Vikings(3)
’09 Saints(1) vs ’16 Falcons(4)
’02 Buccaneers(2) vs ’15 Panthers(3)

Again, the seeds were made by taking the team’s playoff record and then their regular season record. In the case that both of them were identical, I made the choice based on average margin of victory.

Look out for the first introduction post, AFC East, coming later this week!

Thank you for taking the time to read and let me know how I can improve this tournament!

Devyn Smith
Twitter: @smithdev002
Instagram: devyn5mith


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