VJ Beachem (SF/PF, Notre Dame)


Measurables: 6’8”, 6’10” wingspan, 193 lbs, 22.3 years old


  • Good size for a small forward prospect at 6’8”
  • Shooting stats are encouraging – 39% from 3 on 582 attempts, 83% FT as a senior
  • Uses length on defense when he wants to
  • Fairly solid generating blocks and steals
  • Understands role, doesn’t try to do too much
  • Explosive around rim, finishes above it
  • Able to attack closeouts
  • Size helps him a lot in lane
  • Beautiful shot, can convert off of catch, screen, or dribble
  • Elevation on pull-up shots
  • Doesn’t have elite lateral quickness, but uses length to advantage
  • Potential to be useful stretch 3 (or 4 if he adds strength)


  • Barely ever gets to the free throw line
  • Takes a lot of shots just inside line – needs to focus staying behind arc
  • Defensive effort comes and goes – average awareness
  • Gets confused in traffic – 0 playmaking ability
  • Shies away from contact, floats at times on offense
  • Offense is limited to 3 point and cuts
  • Somewhat out of it as a help defender and rebounder
  • Has to lock in more on defense
  • Will have to add strength if he wants to be a small-ball 4
  • Might have to make a couple tweaks to extend to NBA range


  • Beachem is a fairly limited player, but luckily his defined skills are ones valued by NBA teams. As a skilled shooter, he can hang around the perimeter and drain open looks (49% on uncontested 3s as a senior). He’s a good athlete as well, giving him the ability to finish in space. Defensively, he’s got length, and when he’s locked in he can play well. However, he’s got to focus on staying consistently locked in on that end and using his length if he wants to stick on the court. If he adds strength to become a small-ball 4, he becomes much more interesting, but for now, he’s another decently athletic perimeter shooter.


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