What’s gone wrong with the Denver Broncos?

The QB situation has been a mess in Denver this season.

First came the loss the previously winless Giants. Then a shutout. After that, a 5 turnover game. Most recently, having 51 points dropped on what is supposed to be an elite defense. Each week the Broncos reach a new low, and it looks like the defense is tired of carrying the weight. All-Pro cornerback Chris Harris Jr. vented his frustration by saying “I’m tired of losing the same way every game. We’re not even giving ourselves a chance to win”.

The defense has carried this team for three years now, as the offense has produced turnovers, no rest for the defense, and below average quarterback play. This year, the Broncos are at a -12 turnover margin, tied with Cleveland for worst in the league. The same issues that have plagued this team for years are still apparent, but now it’s up to a rookie head coach and a rookie defensive coordinator to save the defense’s growing frustrations from blowing over if they haven’t already.

And this time they’re without Peyton Manning, a HOF quarterback known for being relentless when keeping his teammates focused. And even when he wasn’t playing well, he was still given the respect of a HOFer and was a leader in the locker room, something this current Broncos team seems to be missing. Who’s stepping up here? Who can? Chris Harris and Aqib Talib have both shown a propensity to let their frustrations be well known. On the offense, only D.T., Emmanuel Sanders, or perhaps C.J. Anderson or Ron Leary have the stature to lead a fractured team. Trevor Siemian, one of the team’s 5 captains, is riding the bench and is seemingly done for the year, making it very difficult for him to have an active role a la Peyton Manning.

A big part of the reason Vance Joseph was hired was because of his ability to lead a locker room, and it’s why John Elway went with him instead of someone more offensively minded. Well he inherited a team that was already splintering, and it seems to be at a breaking point right now.
The Broncos are losing games, and they’re being embarrassed. Media and fans are already questioning if Vance Joseph should be kept around next year. The Broncos have what looks like a very manageable home stretch after their week 10 game against the Pats. If they continue to find new ways to be embarrassed, Vance Joseph’s seat has to get more than a little hot.


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