Russell Wilson Credit: Photograph by Peter Yang

Let me preface this post with this.  I like Russell Wilson, he seems like a good guy.

But this is ridiculous.

For weeks now, Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson has been telling anyone who will listen that he’s open to the possibility of playing professional baseball.

Come on Russell… Seriously…

Wilson told Jimmy Kimmel last week that if his rights were traded to the Mariners, he would consider playing baseball and football simultaneously.

Wilson actually said this:  “I believe if anyone could do it, I could.  And I believe God’s put me – game me the ability to do it.  I’ve done it my whole life.”

For the record, Wilson has a career batting average of .229 in 93 minor league games spread across A and low A ball.  Those numbers hardly scream top prospect and barely better than the numbers Michael Jordan put up for the Birmingham Barons, a Double-A team, in 1994.

Does he actually think he can play professional baseball?  I don’t know.  Maybe.  Athletes have to have giant egos in order to excel at a sport.  So, maybe.

Is it more likely that this is just a negotiating ploy?


At least I hope so.


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