On this episode of The Functional Sportsaholic

The NCAA organization annoys us. Though Sean and Sam share a disgust, the two differ on what annoys them. We also talk NBA Free agency.

01:59: Initial thoughts on the NCAA
02:58: The truth is that only power conferences have the opportunity to win the title
03:45: No, UCF wasn’t the national champion last year, but it does prove non-power 5’s are
05:00: Yes, even the historic schools have declared themselves national champs in shady ways
08:03: Why blaming mid-majors for their week out of conference schedule makes no sense
11:40: Oliver Luck might be fooling some people, but he’s not fooling us
17:13: Should we pay players? It’s more complicated than you think it would be
19:30: How far should “tuition” go in the payment argument?
25:25: What would the mechanics of paying players look like?
29:19: Coaching bullies
31:54: NBA Free Agency and the Carmelo Enigma
36:12: Boogie talk
40:25: Sean rags on Durant and Sam tells Sean he’s a hater
47:10: A bit about Trae Young
53:20: Story time with Sean and Sam
56:54: All-time NBA rosters

Opening/Closing Music: Rock Angel by Joakim Karudle


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