Will Tiger win another tournament?

Will Tiger win another event?

It seems like this article is about seven years in the making.  After struggling with serial infidelity that placed him in a rehabilitation facility, Tiger has looked like a shell of his former self.

A life-long champion it seemed, Tiger’s game has fallen off a cliff. His personal issues mixed with his constant injury bug has placed him on the outside looking in for many tournaments now.

In a recent interview, Butch Harmon – Tiger’s former Coach until 2002 – said “I’d like to say yes, but it doesn’t seem likely at the moment” to Golf Channel. A legendary coach, Harmon continues to root for Tiger despite their falling out in 2002.

It is hard not to root for Tiger. A legend in the golfing community, he has won practically everything imaginable in the sport. He is a man who changed the way golf was perceived and revamped the sport as a young man’s game. He made golfing entertaining again.  While he helped push golfing into a young man’s game, it has not helped him as he’s aged. Younger competitors are more explosive and stronger than ever. Guys like Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth have proved that even the youngest of competitors are becoming champions every day.

Tiger started that. At just 21 years old, Tiger won his first Major. He was a champion of numerous Adult-Level US Amateur Championships, starting when he was just 18. He won practically all Junior tournaments available prior to that. Tiger was looked at as “the next big thing” in golf, and he lived up to that hype. He was constantly successful for years. At one point Tiger made the cut in 39 consecutive tournaments, a record he holds with Jack Nicklaus.

He held his consistent dominance until around, 2010 mark when his divorce was finalized. He continued decent play and was even given the award as best PGA Tour player of the year in 2010. In 2014 his career was derailed by back injuries that have plagued him since. After three back surgeries, Tiger has not looked the same since.

Always a competitor, Tiger has looked fairly passive of late. At the most recent times tournament, the Dubai Classic, Tiger looked good and healthy in practice rounds. Yet when the tournament rolled around, Tiger was once again forced to withdraw as a result of an injury.

The 41-year-old is no longer the same old Tiger we saw a few years back. His body language is no longer that of a champion. He seems overly unenthusiastic on the course when he even makes it there.

Over the last four years, Tiger has played twenty events. Of those twenty, he withdrew from four of them and missed the cut on seven. At no point has Tiger looked even remotely dominant. At some points he looked like a decent competitor, but never did he look like his former self.

Although showing brief spurts of success, Tiger has never looked like he did nearly a decade ago when he was undoubtedly the best golfer in the world.

Tiger has stated that he plans on coming back and performing in multiple tournaments, but if the last few years are any indication, a return to past form is highly unlikely. Not only will Tiger never win another Major, Tiger will never win another tournament.



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