Zach Collins (C, Gonzaga)


Measurables: 7’0”, 7’1” wingspan, 232 lbs, 19.6 years old


  • Flashes of 3 point shooting (10-21 on the season)
  • Elite on 2 point outside of rim (55.6%, promise for extending game out to arc)
  • Great rim protector tools (9.8 BLK%, 4.1 BLK/40, 9’3” standing reach)
  • Posted some truly ridiculous value stats – 125.1 ORTG, 79.4 DRTG, .298 WS/40, 7.5 DBPM, 11.5 BPM, 31.5 PER
  • One of the best rebounding big prospects in class – 18.3 TRB%
  • Runs the floor very well for 7 footer
  • Good athlete who can get up for lobs
  • Lots of upside as a roll man – strong near rim, agile
  • Draws a TON of fouls (.715 FTR, 74% FT)
  • Doesn’t shy from contact near rim, finishes through
  • Has quicks closing out, length helps him vs PFs
  • Decent lateral quickness sticking with guards inside arc
  • Showed promise sticking with guards on perimeter
  • Incredible going vertical near rim
  • Awesome instincts as a shot blocker, great timing
  • Good defensive motor, covers ground when he needs to
  • Elite at rim – 71% finishing, shows strength/propensity for contact
  • Jumper mechanics look solid, lots of upside
  • Flashes good understanding of pick and pop
  • Solid faceup game in post – also has nice jump hook game
  • Nice footwork on interior
  • Gets low boxing out, good hands
  • Gets up to grab boards in traffic


  • Will have to clean up fouling issues (6.2 PF/40)
  • Offense came almost exclusively around rim – very small jumper sample
  • Has to speed up stroke to realistically shoot 3s
  • Put up big defensive #s against WCC competition – how does it translate to NBA with average reach/strength/quickness?
  • Even though he’s good at verticality, fouls a lot
  • Shown very little as a playmaker 4.4 AST% to 17.8 TOV%
  • Turnovers are a big issue – shouldn’t be coughing it up as much as he does
  • Needs a lot of time getting jump shot off
  • Like any big prospect, will need to add strength as he matures
  • How does his game translate against NBA length?
  • Defensive discipline (biting on fakes) needs to improve
  • Doesn’t quite have elite tools on defense
  • Moved off the block easily by bigs posting up
  • Can’t quite contest around rim because of lack of elite length
  • Probably isn’t quick enough to play 4 for extended stretches
  • Lack of length hurts his finishing against NBA talent
  • Doesn’t always keep the ball high in traffic
  • Needs to be very smart on D to compensate for tools
  • Has to polish up his offensive game as he transitions to NBA
  • Hard to see him playing the 4 on offense – can’t attack closeouts


  • Collins is pretty raw, but his size, feel around the rim on both ends, and rebounding ability have him on the lottery radar. He was incredibly efficient coming off the bench for one of the nation’s top teams, and will have to prove that his success can translate to the NBA. His average length and explosiveness mean that he needs to add to flashes of skill on both ends. Becoming a smarter defensive player – particularly improving discipline – will be key, as will showing that his 3 point shot is legit. Still, he offers upside as a center who can contribute in many ways and is a fit for where the game is headed.


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