The Functional Sportsaholic: Episode 2

This week's episode includes Big Ben and Flacco freezing out rookie QBs, High School Drama in the NBA, a Joakim Noah bedtime story and more!

The Wizard of Ozzie

Ozhaino Albies has gotten off to an extremely impressive start to the 2018 season including coming close to breaking a MLB record.

Minisode: Trust the Process?

Tyler and Smallz grab CYSArmy member, Josh Loeffler of Johns Hopkins University to have an intellectual discussion about the 76ers and "The process"

The Ultimate Fighter: Undefeated Episode 5 Recap

The 3rd Lightweight Fight of the season’s opening round was up next on FS1 Wednesday night as Team Stipe searched for their first win.

The Leftovers: On May 17th

Anshu and Dan discuss the NBA playoffs, the Browns on Hard Knocks, the Pirates latest call-up, and the Vegas Golden Knights improbable run.

Episode 68 – NBA Draft Lottery Reaction

Jackson and Cesar conduct a mock draft of the first 14 picks right after the draft order was released at the NBA Draft Lottery.

MLS Weekly Matchday Predictions

As the MLS playoff race begins to take shape, every point is extremely important. Who will take advantage of their chances this week?

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