The Leftovers: On March 15th

As Anshu traverses the city of Chicago, he and Dan talk NCAA tournament opening weekend scores and predictions, and NFL free agency updates.

MLS Week 3 Match Predictions

It's now week 3 of the 2018 season, and it's prediction time once again. Lots of interesting matchups this week, but who comes out on top?

127: Trades, Cuts, Free Agents, and an Argument About Jon Stewart

Walt and Kenny talk about all the NFL Trades, Cuts, Free Agent Signings, Happenings, Rumors, and they Argue About Jonathan Stewart.

Lance Lynn and Mike Moustakas Find Homes in the AL Central

After both of their free agent markets failed to develop, Lynn and Moustakas are now on AL Central teams trending in opposite directions.

Potential NCAA Tournament Risers

Everybody's aware of DeAndre Ayton and Marvin Bagley III and the usual suspects, so I wanted to highlight some tournament prospects who may earn more attention this month.

Yankees Add Neil Walker to Complete Their Lineup

With Neil Walker providing more pop to the Yankees lineup, is there a chance they could break the single season team home run record?

NFL Draft Profile: Ronnie Harrison

Ronnie Harrison is a system, strong safety from Alabama. He showed there that he is able to fill his gap assignments and play in space.

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