UFC on FOX 28: Recap

The UFC was on big FOX Saturday night and brought with them a card that featured a Top 10 Featherweight matchup at the top of the card.

How the Rays Lost the Offseason

In an effort to get younger and cheaper, how the Rays hurt their chances in 2018 by ridding themselves of the majority of their All-Stars.

UFC on FOX 28: Preview

The UFC returns to FOX this weekend with a card filled with Top 10 Fighters and Headlined by a heavy hitting Featherweight matchup.

MLS Transfer Update (Confirmed Transfers)

With CCL underway, and the regular season just around the corner, here are some recently confirmed MLS transfers, as clubs continue to add.

MLS Transfer Rumor Update

With the regular season less than two weeks away, clubs are still making some last minute additions. Here are the newest transfer rumors.

The Last Lap Everyone is Debating

The Daytona left fans plenty to talk about. But the ending may have shown NASCAR's true colors.Will this bring the fans back?

UFC Fight Night 126 Austin: Recap

The UFC was live Sunday night from Austin, Texas, and brought with it a Welterweight main event with two heavy hitters going at it.

CONCACAF Champions League Round of 16 Predictions

The CONCACAF Champions League Round of 16 kicks off on Tuesday, so here are some predictions for the first round of the tournament.

UFC Fight Night 126 Austin: Preview

The UFC has a rare Sunday Night card this week, which is headlined by two heavy hitting welterweights looking to make a statement.